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Bust of Jean Baptiste Point DuSable created by Erik Blome

About the DuSable Scholars Program Heading link

The DuSable Scholars Program is named after Jean Baptiste Point DuSable, the founder of the first non-indigenous settlement amongst the Potawatomie people on the Chicago River. DuSable is widely credited as the founder of modern-day Chicago.

The DuSable Scholars Program (DSP) is a community of talented students and faculty and staff working towards the goal of achieving excellence in academics and research. To do this, we identify and support talented Black students who are underrepresented in STEM fields to timely graduation in a STEM major at UIC and matriculation to a research-based, STEM graduate program.

We are proud partners with the DuSable Heritage Association.

The main features of the DSP @ UIC are:

    1. Academic excellence through collaboration
    2. Service to community
    3. Involvement of family/student support networks
    4. Scientific literacy
    5. Research immersion
    6. Financial support
    7. Guidance to research-based STEM graduate degrees
    8. Shared celebration of successes and overcoming of challenges
    9. Studying and working with integrity
    10. Development of culturally affirmative STEM identities

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